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Guardians of Peace

Episode 1: Two Worlds Meet

The Port of Demeter was booming as both Marine ships and space Cruisers coming in and out, delivering supplies and people to the new continent, acting as the main port to take off the load from other ports along the northeast coast. However, Demeter Security Forces notices that most of the supplies that were to go inland were not reaching their destination to several villages; even to one village where the supplies have never reach its destination. The Supply convoy's reported that the bridge along a route to one village was destroyed and there was no way to get to the village and that all aircraft were grounded until Fuel from another system arrives.

What trouble Demeter Security Forces Commanders was that the Bridge wasn't destroyed by nature, but by explosives placed in key supports. D.S.F. command contact the Elites, who send in Phoenix Commandos to investigate a possible Enclave involvement. As Alpha Team, lead by General Wolf, stayed at the bridge to see what they can find in the rubble; Bravo team, lead by the Lupine Commander Isis, heads down towards where the village is located to see if things are going okay.

Commander Isis, along with Lt. Commander Maku, Rookie, Valkour, Zeta, Lt. Commander Shan, and Agent Alex NightClaw walk through the forest as it was quicker to get to the village as the roads was nonexistent. As the afternoon dwindle, the team stop to look at the map on the datapad to see where they are.

"Odd, the village should be around here. Did we miss it?", Isis asked as she look up from the datapad and look up to the others.

"I believe that the map hasn't been updated. May be the reason why the village isn't anywhere on the map." Zeta, an Android Wolf, replied as he looks into the forest.

Agent Nightclaw, a Felandian anthro Tiger, was leaning against a tree while sharpening a stick with his combat knife. "Just leave it to the locals to due the mapping. They just can't seem to do anything right."

"Alex, that is very insensitive to say. These people are doing the best they can with Tech they have. They don't have the tech like the Elites do." Maku, an Lupin and brother to Isis, said looking over his shoulder to Alex.

Alex shrugged and continue to sharpening the stick. "Well that isn't our problem is it?"

While the Conversation is going, Valkour, an Aviani anthro eagle, and Rookie, a Vuplinian anthro fox, was with Lt. Commander Shan, an Lupin anthro white wolf, as then Sentinel was examining the ground.

"What is it Shan?" Rookie asked as he hold his LMG in front of him.

Shan look at the ground for a bit then looks up. "We're not alone out here."

"huh?" Valkour said and look around while holding his Sniper Rifle. "I don't see anyone."

However, the area that they were in belong to a tribe of natives that were having problems with a settlement nearby that was set up sometime before winter. There is a second tribe that is also in the area that helps the other tribe from the aggression of what they call ‘pales ones’, though they are not human at all; in fact, they are called ‘Hybrids’, Honored ones to the natives and demons. This specific tribe of Hybrids in known as the ‘Moon Tribe’

In the forest surrounding Soaring Eagle's camp, Bear, Raccoon and Snow Leopard were out and about investigating a curious phenomenon. Though it was early spring, many of the plants and trees that should have emerged and awakened to the warmth of a new season were still slumbering in their winter's sleep.

Raccoon, his elemental gift being "tree understanding", could sense that something was not right. Bear, being in touch with the earth itself, could concur. Something about the area was touched with a strange energy.

"What do you think is wrong with the trees?" Raccoon asked, kneeling beside a leafless sapling. "This tree should have woken up by now."

"I'm not sure." Bear sighed, crossing his arms about his broad chest as his eyes surveyed the land. "I can feel something in the soil, but I don't know what it is. It doesn't feel malicious...but, it's not all together benign, either. I can't explain it."

"I can feel something, too." Snow Leopard chimed, settling beside Raccoon. Gently, she reached out to caress the little sapling, hoping that a kind touch would help the little tree-to-be to feel a little better. "The water inside the trees feel weird." she disclosed, her gift of "water's flow" instantly connecting her with the waters surrounding her.

"You can feel the water inside the trees?" Raccoon asked, incredulously.

"Mmm-hmm." she murmured. "There's a lot of water in the trees. The big ones, I mean. This little one hardly has any water, but it still feels strange."

"Strange how, little bird?" Bear asked, kneeling down to join the cubs.

"I don't know." she admitted. "But...the feeling...that I feel in the makes me feel...sad."

"Hmm..." Bear murmured. "Alright, we need some help." he said, climbing to his feet, easily pulling Snow Leopard along with him and gently placing her on his back. Wordlessly, she held onto him, drawing comfort from the warmth of his nearness.

"Where are we going?" Raccoon asked, leaping to his feet.

"Hopefully to find some answers." Bear answered, starting away. "Come on, stripes, let's head for the den."

Meanwhile, Commander Isis and her team continue their trek their way the forest, managing to find the road that the D.S.F. convoys used to bring supplies to settlements and their outpost. Since it been sometime since a convoy last passed by, plants and saplings can be seen trying to grow on the path; but since they were growing on a path used by supply vehicles a lot, they went growing as those outside of the path.

"Man, been a long time since a convoy last went through here", Rookie said as he walk besides his best friend Valkour.

"Well that is because the bridge is out", Alex said in a sarcastic tone as he polish his knife.

"An outpost is also along this path. So whoever blow the bridge must be wanting to cut off the outpost with Demeter." Maku has his minigun ready in case they are caught in an ambush.

"but who could have done it? and why?" Valkour asked, then he notice something ahead. "Huh?"

"What is it Valkour?" Isis asked as she looks back to the Aviani.

Bringing his sniper rifle up to look through the scope, he could see an anthro bear, a young raccoon, and a young snow leopard. "There seem to be one adult and two children up ahead."

Alex sheath his knife and said, "Well I suggest we trail that bear and those two youths to see where they are going and see if they are responsible for what happen to the bridge."

"I don't believe they are the ones." Zeta said looking ahead. "They don't seem to be the ones able to take down a bridge."

"We need to be sure. We'll trail them." Isis said and soon she and Bravo Team of Phoenix Commandos began to trail the group without being seen as they switch their cloaking device on and turned invisible.

They soon begin to trail the bear and the two children, a raccoon and a snow leopard, making sure to keep a safe but trackable distance from the trio as they slowly follow them through the forest; however things doesn’t go quite so well for Bravo team of Phoenix.

SNIFF! SNIFF! Bear's powerful nose twitched, catching a strange scent on the wind. ...strange, yet not all together unfamiliar. Abruptly, he signaled for Raccoon to stop. Obediently, the youngster came to an immediate halt.

"Bear, what's--" he started to say, but Bear quickly ushered him to silence.

Without a word, Bear motioned to Raccoon to take to the trees. He gently set Snow Leopard up on a nearby branch, then turned his attention to the foreign aroma in the air. It wasn't hard for the cubs to tell that something was wrong. Young, fearful eyes looked down upon their elder unsure of what was to happen next.

Glancing over his shoulder, Bear's eyes met those of the children. Silently, he nodded his head, signaling the cubs that it was time to retreat. Afraid, Raccoon opened his mouth to protest, but a gentle smile from his friend and mentor was enough to console his troubled spirit. Without another thought, he grabbed Snow Leopard's hand and urged her to follow him through the trees. Her bright eyes shone with worry, but the reassuring smile on her companion's face was enough to reassure her that Bear would be alright. Bravely, she managed a smile and followed Raccoon through the dense cover of the trees.

Once the cubs were safely out of sight, Bear was able to focus his attention to the curiosity at hand. "Something's out there." he thought to himself. "Let's find out what."

Focusing his energy, Bear tapped into his elemental power of "earth influence" and felt the land in the surrounding area. Spreading his power across a large distance was taxing and as such, required more concentration, but even if just for a moment he could use his power to locate the intruder, then he would not fall to the threat of an ambush.

"Ah, there you are!" he thought, "seeing" the bodies of the newcomers through the sight of the earth. From what his elemental senses told him, the strangers were not too far away. He couldn't see the bodies of the individuals, but could instead feel their weight atop the ground. From that, he could extrapolate a rough idea of their weight and build...still..."But, what do you want? And are you friend or foe?"

Unsure of their intent and unwilling to inadvertently lead them to the den, Bear stood his ground and decided to wait for the newcomers to come to him.

When the Bear stop, Isis and the others stop and watches him in silent as he have the children go up into the trees, then looking towards them as it seems like he knows that they are there. However, they remain in cloak to make sure that it wasn't the case; but when a couple of minutes have passed and the Bear hasn't moved from his position, It was clear they were spotted.

"How did he manage to spot us? We're cloaked!" Valkour said over the radio.

Shan looks at the bear ahead of them and grinned. "He's in-tuned to Earth perhaps. Just like a Lupin sage."

"Are you sure about that?" Alex said.

"If it is indeed true... then he's alright made us. I'll be the first one to decloak. the rest of you stay cloak and be prepared in case of trouble." Isis said as she stood up as she was a couple of feet in front of the bear. Once she is fully standing, she decloaked and became visible in front of bear.

Holding her assault rifle close to her and ready, Isis look at the Bear and said, "For a bear, you're really good at finding those who are invisible. Who are you?"

When the Bear stop, Isis and the others stop and watches him in silent as he have the children go up into the trees, then looking towards them as it seems like he knows that they are there. However, they remain in cloak to make sure that it wasn't the case; but when a couple of minutes have passed and the Bear hasn't moved from his position, It was clear they were spotted.

"How did he manage to spot us? We're cloaked!" Valkour said over the radio.

Shan looks at the bear ahead of them and grinned. "He's in-tuned to Earth perhaps. Just like a Lupin sage."

"Are you sure about that?" Alex said.

"If it is indeed true... then he's alright made us. I'll be the first one to decloak. the rest of you stay cloak and be prepared in case of trouble." Isis said as she stood up as she was a couple of feet in front of the bear. Once she is fully standing, she decloaked and became visible in front of bear.

Holding her assault rifle close to her and ready, Isis look at the Bear and said, "For a bear, you're really good at finding those who are invisible. Who are you?"

The scent drew closer, yet Bear could see no one with his eyes. His elemental senses, however, could feel the earth shifting beneath the weight of Isis' feet. She was very close and then, in an instant, she was there, uncloaked and standing before his eyes.

Though his features remained impassive outwardly, inside, Bear's thoughts were racing. Who was this female. She looked a bit like Coyote or Wolf, but her demeanor was not like any other Hybrid he had come across. She seemed almost...human, but clothed in Hybrid garb. She was an enigma. But, what was worse, when she opened her mouth to speak, the words she uttered...

Bear frowned, crossing his arms about his broad chest and scrunching his features in confusion.

"Right, guess you're a quiet type then. My name is Isis", the Lupin Commander said as she study the bear's posture and facial expression. Clearly, the bear was confused at what she said before and that he never seen her kind before, nor seen a commando.

meanwhile, the others remain cloaked and was ready in case things turn for the worst. However, Shan can clearly sense that the bear was not only confused but wondering about the unknown.

"Clearly this bear hasn't seen a Lupin before..." Alex muttered, who was next to Shan.

"Yes... though you can't blame him. It's clear no one has been through here and made contact with them. This area is still relatively untouch, despite the convoy been by here to supply their outpost.' Shan said as he continue to study the bear.

Alex just rolled his eyes and said, "Yes... though I won't be surprise if he and those children with him are responsible for blowing up the bridge."

"Highly unlike Alex..." Maku said, "I have not seen anything that is remotely use for explosives."

"I still have my suspicion." Alex said watching from behind the tree with Shan.

She was speaking to him, of that there was no doubt, but her words made no sense to him. Her tongue was foreign to his ears and he couldn't make sense of the message she was trying to convey. At least her voice was somewhat pleasant.

OWOOOOOOOOOO!! came the cry of a howling wolf.

"Thank the Great Spirit." Bear thought to himself. He turned and was relieved to see the figures of Wolf and Cougar running to meet him.

Isis and the others heard the howl as well, though the Lupin Commander can tell that the bear in front of her was having trouble with what she was saying. However, when she leans to the side to look around the bear, she could see two figures approaching them. This causes the others in her team to decloak and prepare for combat.

'Oh... terrific...' Isis thought as her left ear twitch as if she is using it for Morse code. What she was saying in Morse code was 'stand down, don't won't to cause an incident with locals.'

The others, though Alex was reluctant, obey the order and lower their weapons. Isis on the other hand, was trying to figure out how to bridge the language gap between the bear and now his companions and herself and Bravo Team of Phoenix.

Wolf and Cougar rendezvoused with Bear just in time to see Isis' troop uncloaking themselves hiding. Though such a thing would have startled anyone else, the trio seemed unmoved by their sudden revelation.

"Well that was interesting." Bear mused. "I'm glad I can see them, at last."

"Were they hiding themselves like that for long?" Wolf asked, standing at Bear's left side.

He nodded. "A bit. But, I could smell them and I could feel them through the earth. Just like how I can find you, Cougar."

"Perhaps, but they aren't harnessing the light the way I do." Cougar surmised, taking his place beside Wolf. "It's strange."

"Strange?" Bear and Wolf mused.

"Yes." Cougar went on to say. "They were bending the light sure was forced...unnatural."

"So, then they're not like you?" Wolf asked. A solemn shake of the big cat's head was his response. "Curious..." Wolf murmured.

"Yes, as much, at least, as those things they're carrying." Bear added, gesturing to the weapons the strangers held. "They carry those things as though they intend to bring us some harm with them."

"A weapon." Cougar stated.

"Agreed." Wolf concluded. "But, if that is so, why have they not used them yet?"

"Dunno." Bear said. "Perhaps that female was trying to tell me the reason." he added, nodding toward Isis. "But, I have no idea what she was saying. Her tongue was lost on me. So, if you don't mind..." he said, making a sweeping motion with his hand from Wolf to Isis.

"Mmm..." Wolf murmured, taking a step toward Isis. He paused before her, taking a slow, deep breath. A faint glow surrounded him for an instant before harmlessly spreading across Bear and Cougar. He turned to the pair and gave them an affirming nod before returning his attention to Isis.

"I," he began, his words now translated into the language of Isis and her people, "am Wolf. These are my brothers, Bear and Cougar." he added, gesturing to the two. "Who are you and why have you come here?"

Isis and the others watch the trio as they seem to be talking with each other about them and seem to be not taken aback by the others sudden reappearance when switching out of cloak and the advance weapons they carry with them. When the wolf took a step forward and look at Isis, they notice a faint aura around him, like he was channeling something to himself and the other two.

When the wolf spoke, it would appear, to Isis and the others, that he understands their language; however, before speaking to Isis, the wolf did look at the bear and cougar and nod as if glow that originate from the wolf transfer whatever it was to the other two.

Isis listen to what the Wolf have to say, though when he mention his name and the bear's; she couldn't help but thinking about two other people she knows all too well. However, unlike the two she knows, the wolf and bear in front of her and her team were nothing compare to the other two.

"My name is Isis, and we are here to locate a village and see if they are alright, due to a key bridge being destroyed along the route a supply convoy was using to try and reach." Isis explain to Wolf as well as explaining that she and her team, Phoenix Commandos: Bravo Team, was keeping an eye out for those who might be responsible for blowing up the bridge.

"The village?" Wolf mused. "The only village in the area is that of Soaring Eagle and her tribe."

"Unless you mean the pale humans that came from across the sea." Bear added, now able to communicate in Isis' language. "But, they do not call their tribe a village."

"And if you are speaking of Soaring Eagle and her people," Cougar said, also able to discern the new language, "then they are under our protection and are well."

"And if you are referring to the pale ones," Wolf began, "you will have to take your queries to them. We do not have much to deal with them. As long as they are peaceable, then we leave them alone."

"The same can be said for you and your band of folk." Bear added.

Wolf nodded his head, sagely. "Yes. Do no harm to the village, its people, or this land and we will have no grievance with you."

"Simple enough, eh?" Cougar said, eyeing the group with interest.

Isis listen closely to what the three in front of her was saying to her about the village of a tribe and another that was also in the area, but the strange part was that D.S.F. has no records of a settlement being set up around the area; which of course was odd as anyone wanting to set up a settlement must have permission from D.S.F. before moving to the area the settlers wish to set up a town.

"Of course, though sometimes simple things can be more complicated than it appears", Isis said as she is all too familiar of things that at first seems simple can turn complicated in mere seconds.

While the conversations between Isis and the three Hybrids, Shan was thinking about what the wolf, the bear, and the cougar said about the village and the 'pale ones'. From the way they talk about it, seems as though there is some sort of tension between the two factions. He looks up to the three then walk up until he was next to Isis.

"If I may ask, would it be alright for my comrades and myself to see this village belonging to Soaring Eagle and her tribe? From the way you were talking about these 'pale ones', seems as though they have been causing trouble to this tribe." Shan said as he put his hands together in front of him, looking at the three. "If it is possible there is some tension between these two groups, then perhaps we could help in easing it."

While this was going on, Alex was also thinking; however, he was thinking about something else than what Shan was thinking. The mentioning of a 'pale ones' settlement was troubling as there was no records of any settlement being set up in the area, let alone from the map D.S.F. has given them.

'Perhaps the D.S.F. has no knowledge of this settlement being set up here. However, the map they gave use suggest that the village was about a quarter of a mile back... this settlement that those three mention seem to be much further away... more question... little answer...' Alex thought as he looks over to Isis and Shan, hoping that the two can convince Wolf, Bear, and Cougar to allow them to see the village of Soaring Eagle and her Tribe and also show them where is the 'pale ones' settlement is located.

As the question arose about permission to visit Soaring Eagle's tribe, Wolf turned his gaze to Cougar and Bear, already knowing their feeling on the matter. Without missing a beat, the pair gave a solemn shake of their head, answering in the negative and confirming Wolf's shared feeling.

"I'm sorry." he said, returning his attention to Isis. "But, we cannot take you to Soaring Eagle's tribe. We are charged with keeping her and her people safe." he said, looking pointedly at the weapons in the soldier's hands. He still had no idea of knowing just what those were, but he had a hunch that they weren't tools of peace.

"However," Wolf added, "if you wish to visit the colony of the pale humans, you can do as you like."

Both Isis and Shan look at each other of a moment, then look back to the three Hybrids. The two can already tell that Wolf was concern about the guns she and her comrades were carrying, with the exception of Shan; who only have his dual Lupin swords strap to his belt behind him. Even though they couldn't go to the tribe lead by this Soaring Eagle, they can go to this settlement of the 'pale ones' and start their investigation there.

"If that is your answer, then we'll accept the answer", Isis said as she look at Wolf with a nod. "We'll be heading out for this 'pale ones' colony and leave you be."

With that said, she and her team soon started to head out and leave the three hybrids as they make their way to the colony that they mention. However, Axel was very curious as to him; it would appear that they would be hiding something from them that they don't want anyone to see.

"So... I am curious about something", Rookie said as they continue their way to the colony of the 'pale ones', "wouldn't any of them or anyone form this Soaring Eagle Tribe would've heard explosions from the bridge?"

"Yeah, I was thinking the same thing", Valkour stated as he walk besides his friend.

"True... but if whoever took out that bridge used Termite bombs then it wouldn't make any explosion at all. Though still... whoever did it must be very careful" Maku replied, thinking about how Bear found them even though they were cloaked.

"What do you mean", Valkour asked, curious about what Maku meant by that.

"I mean, that Bear fellow was able to detect us; even when we are cloaked... So, whoever blown the bridge must have taken great precaution to get whatever type of bomb past this area", Maku replied to Valkour.

"I don't trust them... they are hiding something..." Alex said as he place his hand on his chin. "I would like to find out what they are hiding."

"Alex... they given their answer. We are to respect their answer and continue on", Isis looking back to Alex.

"humph... Well hopefully this next stop of ours holds the answer we're looking.", Alex said, clearly having doubts with the Hybrids they encounter.

Isis groaned and shook her head as they continue to walk through the forest. After some time, the group soon approach what looks like a wall of upright logs that seems to be surrounding something on the inside.

"If I hazard the guess... I believe that this may be the 'pale ones' colony." Shan said looking at the wall.


Back at the destroyed bridge. Alpha Team of Phoenix, led by General Wolf, was still investigating what caused the bridge to be destroyed. It wasn’t long until the team’s Demo. expert, Pilot, Engineer, and Support Gunner, General Dog, found the caused of the explosion; though it brought great concern with the discovery of it.

“It would appear that the bomb used to destroy this bridge was Thermite bombs”, Dog said before starting off in a ramble. “Man, Thermite is probably the most fascinating type of explosive. Though it is used for welding purpose and metal refining, it is very used as a explosive and incendiary weapons, like the bomb I mention before. It can go through any tough metal and perhaps…”

“Yes Dog, We get it! A Thermite bomb was used in destroying the bridge. Could you at least focus on the matter at hand.” General Bluejay, Phoenix Medic, said, placing a hand on her help and groaning out loud.

“Anyways… how does one manage to get their hands on a thermite bomb? Aren’t they hard to get?” General Fox, Phoenix Radio Op, asked as he look over to the others.

“Well not unless you get the right components to make one yourself. Though those are even harder to find, cause you need a detonator, a casing, a-” Dog was going to continue on who to make a Thermite bomb until General Bear, Phoenix Heavy Assaulter, spoke up in an rough tone.

“We know how one can make a bomb Dog… Besides… If it’s the Enclave… then its more of a good reason to go find them… and kill them.”

A chuckle was heard from behind Bear as a figure decloaked from a branch of a tree, This was General Hawk, Phoenix Sniper. “Bear, you have to realize that we are here to investigate; not go out on a manhunt. Besides, it’s way too earlier to make a conclusion when we have very little findings.”

“Hawk is right.” the last figure said, his lower face covered by a mask, “We know what type of bomb was used before the winter season on this planet. However, we still have more unanswered question… who is responsible and is this just part of a bigger plot that we aren’t aware of…”

The figure, known as General Wolf, looks up to reveal his yellow wolf eyes as he look at his team, his friends. “Either way, I have a very bad feeling about all of this…”
Guardians of Peace Ep 1
Tada, here we have a crossover between Phoenix Chronicles with :iconkittmouri: series, Hybrid: Gods and Demons.

In this Crossover, mysterious events is happening around the Port of Demeter and the Phoenix Commandos are called in to investigate if this is some kind of signal that something is about to happen. As the Investigation continues, the Commandos meets with a group of Hybrids known as the Moon Tribe along with another tribe lead by Soaring Eagle and a settlement lead by Greyson, both of which are at odd over how they view the land. But when a sinister plot is discovered, could Phoenix with the aid of the Moon Tribe be able to unite to two opposing sides before it's too late?

Hybrid: Gods and Demons characters belongs to: :iconkittmouri:
Phoenix Chronicles characters belongs to: me

So I found this song and I was like 'omg, this fits perfectly with Phoenix Chronicles' and I have decided that this is the main song for the Phoenix Chronicles series and possible for Digimon: Dawn of New Era
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