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Chapter 3: The Fox with the Nine Tails

*It was a day since Kuwagamon attacked as well as the encounter with the mysterious boy and the strange looking Renamon. Mark and Wolfmon were at the grocery store, picking up some food this week. Wolfmon was in his usually disguise as they walked down the aisles picking up seveeral products for this week. As the two make their way down the meat aisle, Wolfmon notices that his friend was conflicted about something, already knowing that it has to do with the last battle they were in.*

Wolfmon: *taps Mark’s shoulder to get his attention* A Digidollar for your thoughts?

Mark: *looks to Wolfmon after putting a package of steaks into the cart* Huh? oh… well, I’ve been thinking Wolfmon. Do you think its a good idea to let Chloe come with us whenever a digimon attack the city?

Wolfmon: *nods* of course Mark, besides she has Hawkmon by her side and we both know those two can handle things on their own. *smiles to Mark as he pat his back*

Mark: *thinks for a moment then smiled* Yay, I guess you have a point there. They do seem to be capable of handling things on their own. *recalls Chloe and Hawkmon’s victory and how happy they were.*

Wolfmon: So I have nothing against with Chloe and Hawkmon joining us the next time a digimon attacks the city. Now lets get what we have back home.

Mark: Good point, I wonder how Chloe is doing at school. *heads to the register*

Wolfmon: *follows Mark* I am sure she is doing fine, she brought Hawkmon with her to show to her class.

Mark: Yeah, she told me last night. Luckily It was a half day at school today, so that we can get some groceries

*At Chloe's school, Chloe was sitting at her desk with Hawkmon next to her as one by one; her classmates were introducing their parents and what they do in jobs. However, since Mark and Chloe are living on their own, the only one she could bring with her was her Digimon, Hawkmon*

Chloe: Oh Hawkmon... I don't know about this, You're my Digimon and not my parents. I don’t know if that counts.

Hawkmon: Fear not Chloe, besides our job is way more interesting that theirs. Our’s more exciting compare to their jobs. *Does a pose that cause Chloe to giggle a bit*

Teacher: *Thanked a student who brought his dad, who is a fireman, for presenting his dad. She looks at a sheet then looks up* Next up, Chloe

*Chloe gulped as she and Hawkmon walk up to the front of the class as her classmates and parents were curious about why she brought strange looking bird instead of her parents. She presented her digimon to her class and to their parents, who were very surprised when Hawkmon spoke to them. Soon all her classmates were asking her questions about her and her digimon and the adventures they had together. Chloe couldn’t help but smiled as she answers each of her classmate’s question with Hawkmon.*

*Outside; Vulpamon has been staying close to Chloe ever since the battle with Kuwagamon and witness another digivolvution. It's not that she feels attached to her, no it's the fact that both her and her brother have digimons, thus she figured that someone they know might be good partner for her. That is the sole reason why she is close to her, thus making her search much more easier than before*

*Out in the city, A sneeze echos out as Sonya, with an annoyed look on her face, looks behind her as Laura is on her back while rubbing her nose. Sonya giving Laura a back ride as Laura doesn't look to good as they walk down the street. Lopmon walking beside them while looking up at Laura concerned.

Sonya: We told you to stay home Laura, but no you just have to ignore it and come. You nearly passed out in school today.

Laura: *shot a glare towards Sonya while taking out a tissue and put it on her nose* I've missed enough classes already with your digimon attacks, I couldn't afford to miss more. *points out that most of the time a digimon attack, she and Laura will skip out on class to go deal with the attack*

Sonya: *looks ahead as she keeps walking* In your state now, I'm sure the teachers would understand way better than a digimon attack. Your such a bookworm Laura. I'd of stayed home if I feeling like you're looking right now.

Laura: *goes to remark back but another sneeze stops her.*

*Back at Elementary School, Chloe and Hawkmon walked down the hallway as school was over. Chloe was happy that her classmate like her Digimon partner and was asking her if she would be bringing Hawkmon again to class. As she and her Digimon walk down the hallway to the entrance, She looks to the other children that were talking with their parents and hugging them. Chloe sighed as they walk outside and started to head for home.*

Chloe: *looks over to her digimon* Hawkmon... do you ever get homesick?

Hawkmon: *looks puzzled* What do you mean Chloe?

Chloe: well I mean, do you ever miss the Digital World?

Hawkmon: *ponder at the question* Well sometimes, but I do happen to like the fact the me and Wolfmon both love to be with you and your brother. Besides, you made us your family

Chloe: *smiled to Hawkmon as she looks around while walking through the city* I just wish I was back in Connecticut instead of living here in New York City

Hawkmon: *sighs then patting her on the back.* there there, everything will be alright. Besides, at least we are seeing more digidestineds as the day goes by

Chloe: *smiles again* Yeah you’re right, I guess that’s a plus when you live in New York City

*Back at the house, Mark and Wolfmon were in the kitchen. The two were busy putting away to Groceries while talking about other digidestineds and Vulpamon.

Mark: I wonder if there are other Digidestined out there, and more important question is who is Vulpamon's partner *looks over to Wolfmon*

Wolfmon: hm… there are more digidestined that we’re see, like that kid and that digimon managing to defeat three Slinmons. As for Vulpamon, that her decision on who should be her partner.

*Vulpamon has been observing a boy, who she sorta decide to be her tamer. Boy name was, Victor Venator. She personally like his last name, as it stand for "hunter" in latin, something she herself was as well. She did however hesitate to approach him due to the fact that digimons did emerge and attack "real" world....she personally prefered to call this world "human world" as to her digital world is real enough. She couldn't exactly be sure how Sven would react with her appearing and offering to be partners.*

Vulpamon: *To herself* Hmm,...well I'll deal with that when I'll need to *jumped off the tree branch she was on and looked for any kind of excitement in meanwhile.*

*Sonya brought Laura back to her home. Sonya knowing Laura lives by herself since her parents were killed a long time ago and left her at least a good fortune and a place to live. Sonya kind of considering Lopmon and Laura her only family since they've always been together.^

Sonya: *laid the sick Laura in one of the guest rooms as she pulls the blankets over her.*
There we go. Now rest. And don't worry about the homework for today, I already grab them before leaving school.

Laura: *laugh* You know me well. Fine, you win.

Sonya: Good. You owe me a soda then *grins then stands up as her partner Lopmon leaps up on her shoulder.*

Laura: *looks unimpressed* haha very funny…

Sonya: Now stay put and sleep. Me and Lopmon will head in to town to get you some soup and medicine. And I mean stay put.

Laura: *grins* Yes grandma.

Sonya: *looks irritated at the remark Laura made but just sticks her tongue out at Laura and walks away.*

*At an apartment complex on the other side of town, a boy, wearing a grey and black sleeved short sleeved hoodie, black baggy shorts with a dark blue beanie, black colored wristbands and black and white shoes, walked in through the front door of his apartment after a day at school and threw his book bag on his couch then proceeded towards the kitchen. He then opened up the fridge, took a grape soda, opened it and took a drink of. As he closed the door, he then noticed a letter on the fridge from his father.

Note: Kira, I'm going to working late again tonight, I left you some money on your desk in your room if you want to some food.

Kira: crumpled up the note and threw it into the trash bin. "Doesn't surprise me..."

Kira and his father never bonded or had a very good relationship due to his father's job and due to some issues in the past. But despite the fact that no one was around much, he had his Digimon to keep him company.

Kira: *says in a low voice* Renamon...

*Just then, a Renamon appeared behind him. However, this isn’t like any other Renamons as her appearance was much different than the standard Renamons.

Renamon X: Yes Kira?

Kira: *finish drinking his grape soda and throws it in the trash can* Lets go out, there's nothing to do here.

Renamon X: As you wish *follows him*

Kira: *walked to his room to grab his digivice from his desk and walked outside. Once he and Renamon X walk outside of the apartment, Kira shut and locked the door behind him before the two began to walk down the stairs of the complex.

Renamon X: Going on patrol again?

Kira: Yes, I want to figure out as to why these rogue Digimon are attacking.

Renamon X: *looks over to Kira* and what of the two humans with their Digimon we saw yesterday?

Kira: so long as they mind their own business we should be fine...

*Outside the Complex, Chloe and Hawkmon continue to walk down the streets as they continue to talk to each other*

Hawkmon: Perhaps we should’ve take the bus to your home Chloe.

Chloe: I don’t know Hawkmon, I really don’t think they would allow you on the bus.

Hawkmon: *ponders* hm… that is actually a good question. Do they allow Digimon on the buses?

Chloe: By the way Hawkmon, remember the boy and that odd digimon with him.

Hawkmon: perhaps we may bump into him again.

Chloe: *smiled and nods* yeah! I wonder if he would like to join us? It would be great to have another digidestined fighting with us.

*Back home, Mark was having a similar conversation with his Digimon.*

Mark: What do you think about the boy and that digimon with him yesterday? Think they will join us? *looks over to his digimon*

Wolfmon: *shrugs as he finish putting the last of the groceries then look to his partner.* I’m not sure Mark, but since there are more digimon coming through the Digital Gate we need all the help we can get.

Mark: Well hopefully we’ll run into those two again. *starts making the sauce for the ribs they will be having for dinner tonight.*

Wolfmon: In any case, I’ll be outside meditating. *walks outside to the backyard and walk over to the tree before sitting down and closing his eyes.*

*Meanwhile, Vulpamon managed to "accidently" tracked Wolfmon and Mark and waited for them to arrive to more "private" space before she comes closer to them*

*At the downtown shopping area, the area where the fight with Kuwagamon happened last night, Sonya and Lopmon enter plaza as most of the area cleaned and some of the buildings restored. Shops that still standing remain open but not a lot of people are around since the attack. Sonya looking around as she perks up as she sees a familiar shop that is battered, but apparently still open.

Sonya: Good, looks like the old folks decided to keep the shop open. This is the only place where they sell fast and effective medicine.

*Sonya heads in, the shop being owned by an elderly but stubborn couple as they know all about digimon and that her and Lopmon are partners, since the two help them before when an Impmon came and was causing mischief. The elderly couple sometimes coming off as a bit rude, but they're really nice and caring as they usually give discounts to Sonya when she stops by.*

*Elsewhere, Both Kira and Renamon X walk down the streets of downtown with both eyes & ears open for any signs of rouge digimon.*

Kira: *looks around* Do you sense any Renamon?

Renamon X: *shook her head* No, at least not right now.

Kira: I see, well lets just keep our eyes and ears open, shall we?

Renamon X: *nods* Right

*Just then, Chloe and Hawkmon were walking on the other side of the streets as they decided to a local candy store to pick up some treats for her, her borther, and their digimon.

Chloe: I’m glad we decided to head to the candy store. *pops a piece of candy in her mouth*

Hawkmon: Indeed, though I did remind to make sure to buy some for both Mark and Wolfmon.

Chloe: I haven’t forgotten about my brother and Wolfmon. *stops when she spotted the boy and the Digimon from last night.* Hey Hawkmon, isn’t that the boy and the digimon from last night?

Hawkmon: *looks over* Why yes. it’s the same two from last night.

Chloe: *puts her candy in her backpack and looks to her digimon* Come on! Lets go introduce ourselves and see if they want to join us. *Heads down the street to a crosswalk*

Hawkmon: Wait for me! *runs over to Chloe*

*Back at the house, Mark came out to the backyard to grab some herbs for the sauce while Wolfmon was still meditating. Suddenly, Wolfmon sniff at the air and his ear twitch a bit.*

Wolfmon: *open his eyes slowly* She's back again.

Mark: *sighes as he looks up from what he was doing over to Wolfmon* Vulpamon is here isn't she

Wolfmon: *nods as he got up from his spot*

Vulpamon: *jumped off the roof and land in front of Wolfmon* you know, for someone who has "wolf" in its name you are pretty easy to track, anyway I do have something to ask of you

Wolfmon: *smirks* I suppose so, though who said I was pretty easy to track when you know where I lived.

Vulpamon: *shrugs and looks over to Wolfmon* I didn’t track you, I just happen to find you during my "walks"

Wolfmon: I sure you did.

Mark: *looks over to Vulpamon* So what is it do you want to ask Vulpamon?

Vulpamon: First off, do you know a kid called Victor Venator and second of *looks at both of them* I was wondering if you two ever wanted to duel me

*Back at the shopping plaza, Sonya waves bye to the couple, after a bit of playful arguing with the husband about his age and her about her own distracting them for a bit, she managed to get the medicine plus a bit of free food to make. Lopmon walks beside her while holding a bag of its own.*

Sonya: *sighs out smiling.* At least its good to see some staying positive despite the tension of more digimon appearing. Why is it that some strong ones are coming to our world? There shouldn't be a reason for them to come. Could there? *looks over to Lopmon who just shrugs and looks forward.

Lopmon: *blinks surprised as she notices briefly a hawkmon with a young girl cross the street.*

*Sonya looks to Lopmon with a weird face as she and Lopmon stop walking. She and Lopmon set their things down for a second. Lopmon was doing some poses, since she is muted, about seeing a digimon with a girl*

Sonya: *raises her eyebrow* What do you mean a digimon with a girl? I didn't see anything?

*Lopmon stomps her foot looking irritated, indicating to Sonya she is telling the truth and points to where she saw them walk off to.*

Sonya: *still looks unsure as she looks where Lopmon is pointing.* I'm not saying I don't believe you Lopmon, its just I didn't see anything. And you said it was a young girl with a digimon? *ponders* Guess digimon are going for the young partner types huh. *sighs out then grabs the bags again as Lopmon hops on her shoulder.* Guess we better find her and make sure nothing happens to her. With more and more digimon turning up even if one sees you they'll just attack. *heads off to the direction Chloe and Hawkmon went off to.*

*Meanwhile, Chloe and Hawkmon crosses the crosswalk and started walking over towards Kira and Renamon X. however, as they approaches, a large statue fell over a wall of a nearby park and lands in the streets which causes both Hawkmon and Chloe to jump*

Chloe: *eyes widen* Oh my!

Hawkmon: That came straight from the park over there *points to the nearby park*

Renamon X : *didn’t flinch when the statue landed on had notice where the statue came from* did you see that Kira?

Kira: yeah, lets go. *he and Renamon X then began to run to towards the park.*

*As Kira and Renamon X enter the park, they noticed an ominous feeling which the two stop as they came to where one of the statues was missing*

Kira: *pulls out this digivice* Renamon, you ready for this?"

Renamon X: *gets into her battle ready position* you need to ask?

Chloe: *shouts* Hey wait up!

*Both Chloe and Hawkmon ran up to where Kira and Renamon X have stop. Hawkmon flew in front of Chloe and next to Renamon X while Chloe stop next to Kira and pulls out her digivice.*

Chloe: Ready Hawkmon? Chloe asked Hawkmon

Hawkmon: As ready as ever be!

Kira: *looked over at the two* You two stay out of this, this is our fight *in a cold tone*

Chloe: *looks very upset with the why Kira said* Hey… We’ve been in a fight before and me and Hawkmon are here to help just in case!

Kira: we don’t need any outside help...

*Just then a Gargoylemon flew overhead and landed in front of the four

BlackGargoylemon: Well well well, what do we have here?"

Renamon X: *stands ready* Your destruction that's what.

*back at the house*

Mark: hm... I think I have, but I'm not sure myself. *then thought about the duel between Wolfmon and Vulpamon* but why do you want to duel Wolfmon?

Vulpamon: *shrugs again* I'm bored, and duel is a good way to pass the time,...of course there is no deletion involved in it

Mark: Well when you put it that way *looks to Wolfmon* What do you think?

Wolfmon: *closes his eyes and crosses his arms as he thought about for a moment. He then open his eyes and look at Vulpamon* Very well. I accept your offer.

*Elsewhere, Lopmon leads Sonya as Lopmon suddenly got anxious for some reason. Sonya trying to keep up with Lopmon without dropping her stuff.*

Sonya: Lopmon slow down! I have things I'm trying not to lose here. *irritated but still follows.*

*Once they turn the corner, they both slide to a stop then backtrack to try to stay out of sight. Sonya glancing from her position and sees a young girl and guy with their digimon facing off against another as the battle was already going on*

Sonya: Ok Lopmon I see the girl now, you were right, but it looks like theres trouble. Let’s go help! *heads over to the battle*

*Renamon X leaps up into the air to avoid an attack by Gargoylemon and crosses her arms in an X fashion and large diamond shards surround her and she spreads her arms apart.*

Renamon X: DIAMOND TYPHOON!! *large diamond shards rain upon Gargoylemon but they have no effect on him.*

BlackGargoylemon: *grins* That tickled *Flies upward and knocking Renamon X to the ground.*

Renamon X: *manages to block his attack and is knocked towards the ground then backflips and lands*

Kira: he’s tough...

Renamon X: my attack had no effect on him… seems I have to go in close quarters… *inner monologues*

BlackGargoylemon: Seems that you managed to block my attack... that's good that you're fine and dandy, because we're not done yet!

Renamon X: *charges at BlackGargoylemon then leaps at him with a swift motion and delivers 17 fast punches in his face before kneeing him in the bottom jaw, causing him to stagger back.*

BlackGargoylemon: grrr! darn you! *slams his giant fist down onto Renamon X only for her to catch it and struggles to hold it back* strong are we? *lifts his fist up again and slams it down on top of her* heh… *grins*

Renamon X: GUAH!!

BlackGargoylemon: now to finish you off, foxy! *raises his fist and opens it to have his claw swipe down upon her*

Hawkmon: *flew in front of Renamon X and grab his Feather ornament.* Feather Strike! *tosses it at the BlackGargoylemon which did some damage before flying back to him.*

BlackGargoylemon: ugh… why you little!

Hawkmon: *Puts back his feather ornament and looks back to Chloe* He’s tough. But nothing we can’t handle, right Chloe?

Chloe: You bet Hawkmon *hold her Digivice next to her.* Lets go to the next level!

Hawkmon: *nods* Alright!


Hawkmon: Hawkmon Digivolve to….. Aquilamon!

Aquilamon: * flew up high then started to dive towards the rogue Digimon.* GRAND HORN!

BlackGargoylemon: *flew back to dodge Aquilamon’s attack* Ha! You miss me!

Chloe: *came over to Renamon X* Are you alright?

*Back at the House, Mark stood on the side as he watch Vulpamon and back Wolfmon ready to have a sparring match.*

Mark: This should be good.

Wolfmon: *stands ready as he was prepare to fight Vulpamon* I hope you won’t be too down when I beat you Vulpamon. *gets into his fighting stance*

Vulpamon: *chuckled she took her own fighting stance, one that clearly focused more on offense then on defense, but that is the point, which wolfmon would soon realise* you watch too many television for a digimon.


Mark: *facepalmed while Wolfmon continue to rant.* 'really... really... Wolfmon never watches TV with me since we're working and doing Judo to the dojo... he's more of a nature digimon than watching TV' *sighes as he looks up and over to Wolfmon* Wolfmon, just calm down…

Wolfmon: Alright Vulpamon, you ask for it! *charge up Vulpamon* CLAW STRIKE! *swipes at Vulpamon*

*Vulpamon couldn't help herself but to crack a smile, it was clear that her "taunt" work perfectly, Wolfmon was now rather angry, meaning he is more likely to make mistake. She did observe his body and waited for his strike, despite the fact she is in offensive stand, but for almost any Renamon, offensive stance can be switched to defensive stance in matter of seconds, and Vulpamon is no exception. When she sense Wolfmon eyes blink she knew he is about to attack, thus she put both her arms in front of her and blocked Wolfmon attack. Since her opponent is vaccine and has natural advantage over her she did take damage, a small one but still damage is damage.*

Vulpamon: Not bad not *move her left feet back just alittle which worked more as distraction then anything else as she retracted her right arm and spoke* Shadow PAW! *before blackish fire appeared on her first and punched Wolfmon.*

Wolfmon: *flew back a bit and landed on his back then got back up.* oh it is on now *ran up to her again* How about a spin kick for you. *Jumps up and started spinning around fast before kicking her on the side of her face.*

Mark: *Blinks as he watches the fight between Vulpamon and Wolfmon gets interesting* 'boy... this could be awhile. Wolfmon is really at it.’

Vulpamon: *had to admit, when Wolfmon did lay a kick, it was a strong one.* Not bad, not bad, you can hit a target bigger than yourself *Before she finished her sentence she managed to lay a punch of her own into wolfmon exposed belly area.*

Wolfmon: GAH! *collapse onto the ground, holding his stomach in pain*

Vulpamon: *leaped into air and crossed her arms* If you know any renamons, you know what is coming now

Wolfmon: *groans as he look up to Vulpamon* dang it...

Vulpamon: *a few second pause* black SHARDS! *as she yelled that she extended her arms and formed a dozen large black colored diamonds like shapes. There were a lot less of them them a Renamon could summon but the just one of those shards is bigger than 3 renamon diamonds. Shards were launched at two times the speed of diamond storm, thus giving Wolf little time to dodge and several of them hit him and are now stuck in his body. For some unknown reason however, they did not explode. Meanwhile Vulpamon landed on the gorund with a small "thump" heard* Duel is over,...I won

*Back at the fight, Gargoylemon to flew back about a few feet after being attacked by Aquilamon. While this was going on, Sonya came in and saw Gargoylemon and Aquilamon fighting*

Sonya: *groans* Great, another one. Why are they coming here. *sigh as she carefully sets her things down out of the way silently hoping they don't get blown away or crushed while this goes on.*

Lopmon: *stands ready to fight besides Sonya as they watch Aquilamon and a strange looking Renamon face off against Gargoylemon.*

Sonya: *raised an eyebrow* Lopmon, is that a Renamon there? Its obvious the Aquilamon is the little girls, but that guy's partner looks different than regular Renamons.

Lopmon: *shakes her head as she doesn't know either.*

Renamon X: *stands up*  stay out of this, this is my fight

Kira: You heard her, stay out of this...

BlackGargoylemon: *laughed evily* you're foolish for thinking you can handle me on your own, it'll be your downfall! *charges at Renamon-X.*

Renamon X: *charges at BlackGargoylemon then teleports just before the two could make contact.*

BlackGargoylemon: huh? what the?

Renamon X: *appears behind BlackGargoylemon* over here…

BlackGargoylemon: *looks*

Renamon X: *throws a large & extremely sharp diamond shard into BlackGargoylemon’s left eye*

BlackGargoylemon: GUAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!! *holds his eye* MY EYE!!! MY EYYYYYYYYYYYYE!!! YOU’LL PAY FOR THIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIS!!!!!!!!!!!! *pulls out the diamond shard from his eye and crushes it*

Renamon X: *glares* then come at me…

BlackGargoylemon: *charges at Renamon X only for her to jump up and kick BlackGargoylemon in the side of his head, but he manages to grab hold of her and slams her down on the ground and stomps on her* I’ll be taking your data now...

Renamon X: GUAAH!!!

Kira: *unable to watch anymore, runs over then leaps up and punches BlackGargoylemon in his face, causing him to stagger backwards and almost fall back*

BlackGargoylemon: *growls in his voice* YOU BRAT!!! *knocks Kira back*

Kira: ngh!

Sonya: *winces watching the strange looking Renamon get hurt.* This battles getting a bitter taste in my mouth. That is one nasty digimon. I don't know whether to call that guy brave, or incredibly stupid.

Lopmon: *looks up to her worriedly*

Sonya: *sighs.* One little girl and a risk crazy guy, yeah I know we better help.

Lopmon: *grins then glares ready.*

Sonya: But not yet.

Lopmon: *stumbles forward surprised then glares at Sonya who grins as she holds up her digivice.

Sonya: Lets get you properly suited up.

Lopmon: *smirks and runs forward as Sonya takes out her digivice and points it towards Lopmon.*

Sonya: Digivolution activate!

Lopmon: Lopmon digivolve to--- Turuiemon!

Turuiemon: *runs forward and with a strong leap, grabs BlackGargoylemon and spins as Turuiemon tosses him back away and into the ground hard. Turuiemon then stands ready in a fighting stance, giving Aquilamon a smirk showing its friendly*

Kira: *walks over and helps up Renamon X up*

Renamon X: K-Kira... you saved me…

Kira: yeah… I couldn’t just watch as he hurt you…

BlackGargoylemon: *stood up and fires his attack* MENACING WING!!! *large obsidian gargoyle statues fire and hit both Turuiemon and Aquilamon and sends them flyingback*

Renamon X: how can we beat this guy?

BlackGargoylemon: *flew up to the air getting ready to launch his next attack* THIS, WILL FINISH ALL YOU OFF!! *hands glow with purple energy and extends his arms forward, laughing as he charges it*

Kira: *just then, Kira notices that his black and dark blue D-ARCH screen is starting to glow with bright light and pulls it out* what the…?

Renamon X: Kira… it’s time…

Kira: Right… *points the digivice towards Renamon X* DIGIVOLVE NOW!!! *bright ray of light fires out of the screen and engulfs Renamon X*

Renamon X: Renamon digivolve to... KYUBIMON-X!!!". Kira looked in surprise as his digimon had evolved into it's champion form.

Kira: Renamon... you… Digivolved

Kyubimon X: Kira, stay back, I'll handle this guy

BlackGargoylemon: Well well well, what do we have here?

Kyubimon X: *charges and leaps into the air and she was engulfed in blue flames. "DRAGON PENDULUM!!!" then a gigantic blue flamed dragon launched and hit Gargoylemon dead on.

BlackGargoylemon: *is on fire* NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I CAN’T BE DEFEATED!!! I CAN’T!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! *turns into data*

Kyubimon X: *lands besides Kira*

Kira: *holds his D-ARCH in the air and absorbs BlackGargoylemon’s data*

*Chloe and Aquilamon look amazed at what had happen when Kyubimon-X destroyed Gargoylemon. They were also amazed at the way Kira used his digivice to absorb BlackGargoylemon’s data, then they recalled what happen night.

Aquilamon: I can't believe it * de-digivolve back to Hawkmon.*

Chloe: *walk up to Kira* I remember you from last night! That was amazing, Your Renamon looks very beautiful *smiles* I'm Chloe and this is my Digimon, Hawkmon.

Hawkmon: *lifting his wing up.* Greetings

Chloe: I guess you're a Digidestined huh? me and my brother are one too" *showing Kira her orange and white D-ARCH*

Sonya: *humphs as she walks forward a bit with a hand on her hip looking to Chloe talking to Kira. Turuiemon suddenly leaps down beside her with her bags of products and items in her hands.* Looks like he got his Renamon to digivolve to champion level... Nice, Guess we didn't need to help after all. What a waste of time. * sighing wearily as she runs a hand through her hair. She then turns to leave, but first yells out to the two.* You guys better be careful, going off to find a fight isn't a very smart thing to do. I suggest using your head more before acting out of stupidity. *mostly referring to Kira. She then blinks looking up for a second then laughs.* Listen to me, I need to follow my own advice.

Kira: *scowls at Sonya* You did good Renamon, lets go *Before he walked out of the digital field, he looked over his shoulder back at Sonya, Chloe & their Digimon* I have advice of my own… mind your own business… *walks out of the digital field*

Kyubimon-X: *de-digivolves back into Renamon-X and leaps out of sight*

*Chloe and Hawkmon watches Kira walking out of sight as they look at each other in confusion.*

Sonya: *looked off to where Kira left with a bored expression* Thats it? that’s the thanks we get for trying to help him? Sheesh, wonder how he treats his friends, if he even has any... if this is how he acts around strangers who tried to help him, he won’t get far in life... *gives a mock wave where he disappeared at* Nice to meet you too

Chloe: I wonder what's bothering him?

Hawkmon: I have no idea, but it seems that something must've happened to him *hmphed and crosses his wings* but that is no way to be rude to those who were trying to help.

Chloe: I agree *she then look over to Sonya and Lopmon* Oh I’m sorry, I’m Chloe and this is Hawkmon.

Sonya: *looks at Chloe and Hawkmon and smiled* Nice to meet you too, I’m Sonya and this partner of mine is Lopmon

Lopmon: *waves her tiny arm*

Chloe: I wish we could stay and chat, but we have to get home now. Come on Hawkmon!

Hawkmon: coming.

*Both Chloe and Hawkmon turn and headed home after saying goodbye to Sonya and Lopmon*

*Sonya waits until Chloe is out of sight then sighs again as her and Lopmon head off.*

Sonya: Let's go. Laura's probably worrying about where we're at and what's taking us so long. *picks up some of the bags*

Lopmon: *nods, carry Sonya's things with her ears. What leaves Lopmon a little confused is that for some reason, one of the bags feels a little heavier than it thought it was before, but leaves it alone as they head back to Sonya's house.*

Wolfmon: Um... help...

Mark: *rushes over to his partner.* well... this is new, never seen an attack like that before  *study the shards trying to find a way to get them off his Digimon* But I never seen a Renamon type doing something like this.

Wolfmon: *look at Vulpamon with an angry look as he still wanted to fight, but the fight is over and now must concentrate on how to get the shards off of him.*

Vulpamon: *nod and walked over to Wolfmon while replying to Mark question* Well I am not a Renamon *as she said that she kneel next to Wolfmon and began to pluck shards out of his body* You could try to take them off, but I wouldn't suggest that *with a slightly dramatic pause as she take the another shard out she continued* Cause black shards can only be removed by me, if you or anyone else tried to remove them they would burn them, well not burn them to the death or something, but heat would prevent them to hold onto them long enough to pull them out  *she took the last one out. She then hold it up in from of Wolfmon*
And if you say that you aren't hurt and you could still fight let me show you why *She throw the last shard into concrete wall and snap her fingers together. What followed was black shard exploding taking along with it a considerable amount of the wall with it.* If just one of them did that to a wall, what do you think that all those that were in you would do to you when they would explode, all at once?

*Mark and Wolfmon looked shock when the Black shard exploded then look over to Vulpamon.*

Wolfmon: *pointed towards where the black shard exploded* So your powerful attack are those?! But you're a rookie level Digimon"

Mark: Maybe she have the strength of a Champion level Digimon

Vulpamon: *shrugs* I wouldn’t know if I am strong as a champion, perhaps more like a Armor evolution and yes, this is my strongest attack

Mark: *took out his D-Terminal and start looking for any data on Vulpamon, but he couldn't find any information on Vulpamon* Well she must be a new Digimon because my D-Terminal isn't getting any information on her *close the lid and tuck it back into his pants pocket.

Vulpamon: *slightly amused when she witness Mark trying to get reading on her and laughed slightly when no reading was found. But in truth she was worried., if she had no reading on herself, how will she explain that to her would be partner?. That is a question that will surely keep her from sleeping tonight, if she will sleep at all.*

*Just then, Chloe came into the backyard with Hawkmon as the two saw Vulpamon.*

Chloe: Hello again Vulpamon, what have you been up too lately? *notice the damage around them*

Mark: *sweatdrop* yeah… I’ll explain what happen here during dinner.

*Back at Sonya’s and Laura’s home, Sonya walks in to her home as she shuts the door with her foot, Lopmon waddling in after as it heads into the kitchen while Sonya sets the bags down and heads to Laura's room.*

Sonya: She better be resting like I told her to. *quietly slides the door and peaks inside. She smiles relieved seeing Laura fast asleep.* Good. *She slides the door back shut then walks quietly to the kitchen.*

Lopmon: *starting to rummage through the bags as the upper half of her body is in the bag.*

Sonya: Hey, slow down Lopmon. I know you're hungry but that doesn't mean you need to make a mess. *grabs Lopmon, who refuses to come out of the bag as she struggles.* Lopmon let go and I'll give you your--! *starts yanking on the bag when suddenly Lopmon let it go as it rips and out of the bag rolling on the floor appears a digiegg.* snack?? *she and Lopmon look surprised at the small round red, black, and white with a strange symbol on it digiegg.

*Kira and Renamon X both arrive at the apartment which is still empty*

Kira: *silently goes to sit on the couch*

Renamon X: Kira, are you alright?

Kira: *turned his head the other way*

Renamon X: *couldn't help but wonder if he's upset with her* Is it because of me... Kira?

Kira: No of course not, it's just... if you had been turned into data... I don't know...

Renamon X: *walked over and placed her paw on his shoulder* As long as you have faith in me, I'll become stronger so that outcome will never happen, that's why digimon have partners

Kira: I always have faith in you…

Renamon X: I know that you do… Anyway Kira, you should get some rest after the events that transpired today

Kira: yeah, I agree… *walks into his bedroom and passed out on his bed*

Renamon X: *goes outside and sits on the roof of the apartment complex gazing at the moon all while keeping a watchful eye out for rogue digimon.

*later that night, Mark was in his room continue to look up Vulpamon on his D-Terminal, but so far haven't found one.*

Mark: 'could it be that Vulpamon is a new Digimon',  *looks over to Wolfmon who was sleeping comfortable on the floor and remember that his Digimon was new too. he smiled then his D-Terminal went off as he look back to see the stats of Vulpamon.* here we go... wait... well this certainly is a surprise *read through the stats then look out the window thinking up another thing that was on his mind*

Mark: 'something tells me... if me, my sister, and the two others Chloe meet are Digidestined... then something tells me there's something big happening in the Digital world.'
Digimon: Dawn of New Era Chapter 3
The 3rd episode of Digimon DoNE (and long await episode) with the introduction of Kira and his partner, Renamon X, as well as get to know a little bit more of the mysterious Vulpamon.

the next episode is where we will meet two more Digidestineds and their friend as well as an elderly couple who knows about the Digimon and runs a shop where the gang hangs out.

So I found this song and I was like 'omg, this fits perfectly with Phoenix Chronicles' and I have decided that this is the main song for the Phoenix Chronicles series and possible for Digimon: Dawn of New Era
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